ZKTeco controls entrances of university in Bolivia with tripod turnstile

With semi-automatic boom and rustproof mechanical properties, ZKTeco tripod turnstile has a reputation for cost-effective management solution with high reliability. Recommend by ZKTeco Bolivian partner, the tripod turnstile TS101 are successfully installed in Universidad Privada Domingo Savio (UPDS).

UPDS has been engaging in providing academic and social professionals with MBA academic teaching and research for 12 years. Impressed by the efficiency, durability of ZKTeco products and good services offered by ZKTeco partner, they choose ZKTeco tripod turnstile TS101 to control the main entrances of university. The tripod turnstile TS101 can perform verification function reasonably well. While student entering or leaving, tripod turnstile products realize the stress-free grounding entrance control and protection for the university safety.

The tripod turnstile TS101 is widely accepted & acclaimed by the fast recognition speed and easeful & convenient user access. This good momentum of development is beneficial to improving ZKTeco’s competitive strength and corporate reputation in local security industry.

University in Bolivia

Source: ZKTeco | Date: 10/02/2013 – http://www.asmag.com/showpost/15773.aspx


One thought on “ZKTeco controls entrances of university in Bolivia with tripod turnstile

  1. Very-very good. And are you open to integration with other suppliers of such equipment or offer turn-key systems, based only at ZKTeco equipment? Your solutions can supplement systems, that you do not manufacture yourself. For example, mans height turnstiles which used at stadiums and ports or IP-based entrance turnstiles that are popular in business-centers. Many firms would be interested in partnership with such known brand.

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