Facial Time and Attendance for “Trenes Argentinos” in Argentina

Trenes Argentinos



“Trenes Argentinos, operadora ferroviaria” was founded in 2008 by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Argentina with the purpose of managing the transport of passengers and goods within the country. Currently, it manages the passenger urban lines of Sarmiento and “Tren de la Costa” in the province of Buenos Aires.

In order to modernize and restore the country’s railway system, the national government opted for a series of improvement plans including the acquisition of new formations of transport and improving the structure of the lines managed by “Trenes Argentinos”. One of the actions in this plan was the signing of an agreement with the Chinese company CNR for the acquisition of 22 long-distance trains. The vehicles were equipped with air conditioning/ heating, internal audio system, video cameras and spaces reserved for disabled people.

For managing the employees in the different stations it was necessary a system which combines speed and efficiency. The schedule within the railway sector is very strict and many employees do not begin their turn in the same point of the line.


Within this improvement project, it was decided to implement a biometric system designed by ZKTeco.  To this end, several VF600 devices were installed in the Central Station of Once and different stations and workshops.



Trenes_6The VF600 is a time and attendance device which incorporates face recognition, card reader and password. It is simple, the employee just needs to approach the device and the camera detects the face of the user, recording the time of entry into the work shift. The whole process can be done in just a few seconds. The devices are controlled from the Central Station of Once through a TCP/IP communication system.


Trenes_4To protect the devices of vandalism and handling, ZKTeco designed a metal case made with aluminum (2 kg) and tempered glass (4 mm thick).The case was created especially for the device, taking care not to alter its performance and functionality.



Trenes_2Notably, the Government intends that the new enrollment method will be installed in all the stations, covering 100% of the defined population.




Author: Paula Herrero


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